Hillary Clinton Screens Bill's Calls

"Nobody is listening to me."

Former president Bill Clinton is having trouble getting wife Hillary on the phone to give her campaign advice.

“Those snotty-nosed kids over there are blowing this thing because nobody is listening to me,” Bill told campaign chairman John Podesta, according to Orb Magazine.

According to Page Six, Bill is angry because Hillary's close adviser Huma Abedin carries Hillary's phone with her all the time and screens the calls.

“When Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Abedin are traveling, they always share a suite, which they lock from the inside to bar the Secret Service,” Orb reports.

“If Hillary is not in the mood to listen to her husband kvetching about problems in the campaign, she instructs Huma to tell Bill she is sleeping and cannot be disturbed. Naturally, this sends the ex-president into paroxysms of rage.”

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