Hillary Blasted For $225,000 Speaking Fee

Criticized as hypocrite for accepting fee from UNLV

The "undisputed king of Nevada political journalism" blasted Hillary Clinton for demanding a $225,000 speaking fee for an upcoming appearance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

Jon Ralston, a noted media personality in Nevada, dedicated two minutes of his show to Clinton's cash collection and, as the Washington Post noted,  described the potential presidential candidate in the most unflattering of terms:

Ralston called the fee "obscene", "grotesque" and "revolting", adding: "Hillary Clinton, who advocates for affordable education, should be ashamed." And then, for good measure, Ralston asked incredulously: "Is anyone worth that much money?"

The criticism of Clinton for her collection of six-figure speaking fees could further undercut her credibility as someone who understands economic hardships as she explores the possibility of a 2016 Presidential campaign.