Hillary 2016: 'Do We Want an Obama Third Term?'

CNN commentator says the way to beat Hillary is focusing on the future, not on Arkansas and the past

CNN political commentator Kevin Madden has some advice for Republicans if they are faced with a Hillary Clinton candidacy in 2016. Instead of focusing on the past, ask, "Do we want an Obama third term?"

Speaking to Candy Crowley on State of the Union, Madden said:

The way to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 -- if there is a Hillary Clinton candidacy -- is not through Arkansas and it's not through the past. It is a litigation of the future of this country. Does America want somebody who is associated with Washington as president who's been here for 25 years? Do we want an Obama third term? Those are going to be the key questions that are going to aid Republicans in litigating that campaign, not Arkansas not the past.