Hill Dems Worried About Clinton

Questioning close call with Bernie.

She has far more backers on Capitol Hill that Bernie Sanders does but those backers are becoming nervous after Hillary Clinton's photo finish with the openly socialist senator in the Iowa caucuses. Politico reports that campaign chair John Podesta and campaign manager Robby Mook are working hard to calm nervous Dems on the Hill.

But the campaign is already attempting to soothe Democratic members — the vast majority of whom support Clinton — by saying her victory is more significant than the final tally would suggest.

"Bernie Sanders' campaign said that if turnout was 170,000 he would win. Despite that turnout and despite Iowa being tailor-made for him, Hillary won," according to an email sent from the campaign to lawmakers. "She won because she worked hard to earn every vote. She took the time to listen to Iowans, proposed solutions to their most pressing challenges, and made the case that she can produce results that will make a real difference in their lives."