High School Censors Web, Blocks Conservative Sites

Access to Anti-Gun sites allowed, NRA blocked

A Connecticut High School student found internet access to certain websites to be censored based on the partisan affiliation of the organizations hosting the site,

According to a local news report published Wednesday, high school senior Andrew Lampart from Woodbury Connecticut said that while working on a project, he was surprised to discover that from the school's internet he couldn't access the state's GOP website but could access the website for the state's Democrats.

The trend, as the article notes, continued on other political and cultural lines:

Lampart even looked at Web sites focusing on abortion issues and religion. He found that “right-to-life” groups were blocked by the public school firewall but that Planned Parenthood and Pro-Choice America were not. He also tried to get on web sites such as Christianity.com and the Vatican’s web site but both were blocked. Islam-guide.com he found, was not.