High School Bans Pro-Life Posters, Allows Gay Advocacy Posters

Proclaiming the pro-life message.

A pro-life school group in Tacoma, Washington is fighting back against their high school after the school deemed pro-life posters "offensive" and refused to allow them to be posted.

The Wilson Students for Life, an affiliate of Students for Life of America, was started in the fall of 2013 by freshman, Bryce Asberg.  Their goal was to proudly “proclaim the pro-life message.”  Since its inception the group has faced an uphill battle against the school administration.

Asberg’s group created two pro-life posters to promote their club.  Both were turned down because the Wilson School administration has a policy which allows posters as long as they do not “offend staff or students, put others down if they have a different belief or opinion.”  Despite the school's policy, pro-gay signs created by the Wilson Gay Straight Alliance were allowed to hang proudly in the halls.

The same, however, did not hold true for the Wilson Students for Life, who wished to put up their posters.

Wilson High School is now facing a potential legal battle after receiving a letter from The Thomas More Society, a Chicago-based public interest firm, telling the school to stop discriminating under the Federal Equal Access Act, which requires schools to give all student bodies a fair shake without any discrimination. 

The school has until February 25 to respond. Here are the posters deemed "offensive" by the administration:


For more on the story from the Thomas More Society, click here.

UPDATE: On Wednesday, appearing on The Ben Shapiro Show on AM 770 KTTH, Shannon McMinimee, general counsel for the Tacoma School District, denied this account of events, and said that the school district had prevented posting of the posters only because the students did not follow submission procedures. Once they did, the posters were allowed, with a dozen of them currently papering the walls of the school. Bryce Asberg, the student, told The Ben Shapiro Show that he stands by his original story.