Hero Stops Texas Church Shooter with Media’s Dreaded AR-15

Narrative busted... again!

Stephen Willeford, the man who doesn’t think he’s a hero for stopping the Texas church massacre on Sunday, continues to bust the media narrative on guns wide open. Not only was he a former NRA instructor; not only did he retrieve his legally owned rifle from a gun safe; not only did he engage the gunman before he killed more innocent people, but he did it all with the most feared gun in all of the Left: the AR-15.

Because the shooter used an AR-type weapon — a Ruger AR-556 that was purchased illegally — the media figured it had gained yet another example of the dangers of these “military-style” weapons and renewed the calls for gun control. However, Willeford, too, owned an AR-15 and was at the scene when seconds counted.

One harrowing story has surfaced about 73-year-old Farida Brown who laid underneath a pew with four gunshot wounds to her legs, surrounded by bloodied bodies as she watched the shooter’s boots pace up and down the aisle, shooting anyone making noise and not playing dead, including crying babies at point blank-range. Brown was next to another injured woman and they prayed that upon death, God would take them to heaven. As the shooter made his way back to their location and readied his gun, they braced for the kill shot. But suddenly the shooter’s attention was grabbed by Willeford who began firing shots from outside, thus sparing further carnage. Thankfully, Brown is recovering from surgery in the hospital.

Police stated that the shooter was shot three times and not a single bullet was fired from an officer's sidearm. Willeford managed to hit the shooter twice: once in the torso with an expertly aimed shot that found a small gap between his body armor and the other in the leg. The third and fatal shot was self-inflicted after Willeford crashed his car with Willeford and another hero from the town in hot pursuit.

So, with all of these inconvenient facts for leftists coming to light, not to mention all of the gun/murder laws broken by the shooter, they really don’t have a leg to stand on in making further gun control arguments. 

Watch Willeford recount the events of that day to Steven Crowder below: