He Knew! He Knew? Who Knows!? NYT Rewrites Christie Headline, Lead -- At Least Three Times!

Maybe no one won't notice…

As America's premiere newspaper, the New York Times has a reputation for high journalistic standards. Readers would never expect the paper's reporters and editors to create a titillating headline unsupported by the facts, then change everything a few hours later. (And note to top NYT editors: Nothing disappears on the Internet.)

When the news broke early on Friday that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may have known about the bridge closure the NY Times offered this headline:

Christie Knew About Bridge Lane Closings, Port Authority Official Says


Here is a tweet of that headline before it was amended:



However, hours later, the Times changed it covertly:





Then the headline reads:

Ex-Port Authority Official Says ‘Evidence Exists’ Christie Knew About Lane Closings


HuffPost Media managed to capture the changed lede and also posted it to Twitter:



The Smoking Gun is reporting three separate ledes that have been released through Friday afternoon.


By Saturday morning, the big editors had yet another change of heart. The new headline: "Christie Linked to Knowledge of Shut Lanes." Linked to Knowledge?! A far cry from "Christie Knew." 

One wonders what the headline will morph into by tomorrow. 



H/T Twitchy.