Harry Reid: Working With GOP Like Chasing Greased Pigs


Speaking on the floor of the Senate today, Harry Reid launched into a long and baffling description of a greased pig contest: the mechanics; the rewards; even the cultural significance of them. All this belabored "Forrest Gump" exposition was apparently background for a pretty weak and insignificant metaphor for working with Republicans in the Senate.

Oft times, working with my Senate Republican colleagues reminds me of chasing one of these little pigs in a greased pig contest. Regardless of all of our efforts, any time we get close to making progress, it seems as though we watch it slip out of our hands and the Republicans scamper away.

Fully two minutes and thirteen seconds of background on chasing greased pigs led us to that stunning revelation. Senator Reid ... the philosophical and existential implications of a greased pig contest are not exactly mysterious and opaque. The pig is alive. It is covered in grease. It is, therefore, hard to grab. This is not revelatory. Perhaps the Senator is taking a page from Vox and introducing Explanatory Politics? In any case, the only capper this really needed was President Obama using "lipstick on a pig" to describe Sarah Palin.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you gravitas.