Harry Reid Says Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos Prove Nothing

Just look at this light and forget the whole thing.

On Tuesday afternoon, Senator Harry Reid told reporters that recent undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of baby body parts for fun and profit do not "prove" any lawbreaking on the part of the organization:

"These politically motivated videos raises questions, but nothing I've seen indicates that Planned Parenthood violated federal law."

For Reid and the leftist media, the most important part of that sentence is "politically motivated." It is the favorite tactic of those who would defend the group to instead attack the people who released the videos.

It seems obvious that anyone posting undercover video of a group colluding in nefarious and despicable doings would not be a fan of said group. More than obvious. This wouldn't have been released by Emily's List, for example. So it is not immediately clear what points people are supposed to think they have scored by noting that fact. It is an ad hominem circumstantial fallacy that in no way changes the facts of the case. Besides which, the attacks on the Center for Medical Progress are A) themselves politically motivated, obviously, and B) gross exaggerations or outright falsehoods.

Harry Reid also added that this exposé should not "take away from the important work Planned Parenthood does." Judging by the mad scramble to grasp at any possible defense of the indefensible Planned Parenthood by the media establishment, the Democrats, and the left at large, one might conclude that the "important work" he speaks of is their pumping slices of their baby harvesting money into electing democrats to office.

h/t The Hill