Harry Reid Endorses Muslim Brotherhood Shill Keith Ellison for DNC Chairman

Elizabeth Warren said Ellison “would make a terrific DNC chair.”

Apparently the Democratic party didn't get the message after their devastating election defeat last week. That message is that the American people don't want radicals with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood leading the country.

But the Democratic party doubled down -- on Sunday Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid endorsed Rep. Keith Ellison as the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

“My friend Keith Ellison is a terrific leader and a strong progressive who knows how to get things done,” Reid said, according to The Huffington Post. “Now is the time for new thinking and a fresh start at the DNC. Now is the time for Keith.”

Ellison has not even declared his candidacy for the influential DNC post, but according to party insiders he has been building support for a bid. Sen. Elizabeth Warren told MSNBC Thursday that Ellison “would make a terrific DNC chair.” Reid’s successor Chuck Schumer has endorsed Ellison as well, as has Sen. Bernie Sanders. A Sanders petition backing Ellison has reportedly garnered over 520,000 signatures.

Ellison would be the first Muslim and the third black person to hold the position of DNC chair.

As the Huffington Post points out, the head of the DNC is typically a figurehead primarily responsible more for fundraising than major strategic decisions. "With Republicans controlling both chambers of Congress and the presidency, however, the head of the DNC will play a much more influential role in Democratic politics," notes HuffPost.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's tenure as DNC chair is widely considered by party insiders as "a debacle."

On ABC’s This Week Sunday, Ellison laid out his vision of where the DNC needs to focus its attention:

“You’ve got to have a vision to strengthen the grass-roots. Make the voters first, not the donors first. I love the donors and we thank them, but it has to be that the guys in the barbershop, the lady at the diner, the folks who are worried about their plant is going to close ― they’ve got to be our focus.”

We have news for you, Mr. Ellison: those grass-roots voters in that barbershop and at the diner -- they are the ones who voted Trump into the presidency.

To read more about Ellison's radical history and his support for (and from) the Muslim Brotherhood, check out his profile at the Freedom Center's Discover the Networks site.