Harry Reid Blames Republicans for Zika 'Scourge'

Just one glitch -- Democrats blocked the Zika funding bill...

President G.W. Bush "blew up the levees" of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina in an elaborate plot to save the homes of rich white folk by way of flooding out poor, black communities. Republicans are routinely waging a war on women's reproductive rights and, in case you haven't heard, are happy to push our wheelchair-bound grannies over a cliff... literally. 

Evil Republicans have now topped themselves, because, did you know they are single-handedly responsible for the Zika "scourge" threatening the nation? 

It must be true. Dingy Harry said so:

Fortunately, online backlash over the Senate Minority Leader's moronic assertion was surprisingly spot-on: 


While Reid would like the country to believe Republicans blocked the Zika funding bill; it was in fact Democrats who did so. The blog WeaselZippers noticed Reid's tweet and swiftly juxtaposed it with the following tweet and article from the Hill:  

The Hill reports that "Democrats nearly unanimously voted to block the $1.1 billion [Zika] funding bill, which was approved by House Republicans in June but has now failed three times in the Senate."

Democrats are citing the bill's "weird stuff" as their catalyst:  

The Zika funding bill was attached to next year's spending bill for military construction and veterans affairs, typically one of the least controversial spending bills in either chamber.

Speaking on the floor Tuesday afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) argued that Democrats had "filibustered" the funding for both Zika and veterans. 

Minutes later, his counterpart, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), blasted the GOP for adding in language targeting Planned Parenthood, along with other partisan measures that he described as “strange, weird stuff."

What we think is weird is that while the scourge of Zika apparently threatens the nation, Reid is hanging out with alternative-pop bands in the Lake Tahoe: