Hannity Guest Munayyer Defends 'Victim' Hamas, Dodges Terrorism Question

Jerusalem Fund executive director won't say if he thinks Hamas is a terrorist organization, calls them victims of a "decades-long military occupation"

On “Sean Hannity” Thursday, guest Yousef Munayyer, the Executive Director of the Jerusalem Fund and Palestine Center, refused to answer whether or not he thought Hamas was a terrorist organization, attempting instead to portray them as the victims of a “decades-long military occupation,” leading an increasingly frustrated Hannity to say, “What part of this can’t you get through your thick head?” before cutting him off altogether.

Hannity opened the segment by asking, “Why is America’s largest Muslim so-called civil rights group showing sympathy to terrorists?” Hannity then introduced guests Zuhdi Jasser, founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, and Munayyer.

In what proved to be an instantly combative exchange, Hannity turned the first question on Munayyer, asking him what he thought would be the "proper, proportionate response" if someone fired thousands of rockets into his neighborhood and killed three teens.

Munayyer: Maybe you should stop the ongoing, for decades-long military occupation of Palestinian territory...

Hannity: Listen, we can take it back to the 1948 Partition Plan, and we can look at the ’67 war and the ’73 war and the hostilities brought to Israel- They did give land for peace nine years ago. Now I’m asking you a question, if thousands of rockets are launched into your neighborhood and kids are killed in your neighborhood, what are you going to do?

After blasting Hannity for “badgering” him, Munayyer again returned to his portrayal of Gaza as an occupied territory, sayin

Munayyer: If the United States had been invaded by a foreign military and besieged and surrounded, and the food that was coming into the United States was counted by the calories so that people would be put on a diet as Israelis claim...

Hannity: You are making a rationalization for rockets and kidnapping and murder, and you want to blame the victims in this case!

Munayyer: The only people blaming the victim here is you.

Jasser then spoke up, citing CAIR’s refusal to condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization:

Jasser: Yousef, we can’t continue to explain these things away. For crying out loud, it’s Ramadan, and they continue to... send rockets out. And organizations like CAIR—who ,by the way, the FBI by matter of policy will not interact with because of the fact they won’t condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Jasser then blasted Hamas’ hypocritical attempts to portray themselves as victims:

Jasser: Hamas launches rockets on innocents, starts a war, war after war, then they use that to say, “Well, it’s a bigger narrative, it’s about the ‘occupation.’”  Meanwhile they have a gender apartheid inside Gaza, Christians are evacuating because churches are being burned, their doctrine is fascist and genocidal against Jews. Palestinians aren’t represented by Hamas, I don’t believe, and yet they allow Hamas to drive the narrative globally and start wars...

Hannity then turned back to Munayyer and asked him whether he thought Hamas was a terrorist organization, as it has been designated by the U.S. and its allies. Instead of answering, Munayyer said, “Do I get to speak now?” Sensing a filibuster, Hannity asked him again, resulting in another complaint and Hannity repeatedly pushing him to respond:

Munayyer: Thank you for your question, and now I will provide an answer. It’s very telling to me, and it should be telling to your viewers as well, by the way, that the moment you have a Palestinian voice on your program who begins to explain the legitimate grievances of Palestinians on the ground, not just Hamas–

Hannity: Answer the question!... Is Hamas a terrorist organization?

Munayyer: The United States certainly considers Hamas a terrorist organization, we all know that.

Hannity: I didn’t ask what the United States thinks, I asked what you think! Can you hear?

Munayyer: If you think we’re going to have any progress in this situation by simply yelling at me, that’s really not going to be helpful.

Hannity: Okay, let me ask you nicely: Is Hamas a terrorist organization?

Munayyer: Let me ask you, sir, a question-

Hannity: Is Hamas a terrorist organization?

Growing even more frustrated, Hannity, asked, “What part of this can’t you get through your thick head?” to which Munayyer said, "Excuse me?"

Munayyer: I already answered your question.

Hannity: You did not.

Jasser: Well this is the problem, Yousef... Why is he asking is this a terrorist organization? Because terrorist organizations use children as shields, launch rockets into civilian populations, started a war that victimizes the poor children killed in this war. And just like when America had to go into Afghanistan, had to go into Iraq, we saw pictures from CAIR and other organizations saying “America’s killing innocents,” when if fact we were fighting a legitimate war that had unfortunate deaths that happened. And this is about if you want to stop the deaths of children, stop the firing of rockets.

Munayyer: Do I get to say anything in this conversation?

Hannity: You had your chance. You didn’t say that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Goodbye.

Video via WFB