Guns Store Owner Alerted FBI About Orlando Shooter

"He slipped through the cracks."

The owner of a Florida gun store said he told the FBI about the Orlando shooter's suspicious behavior in the store before he went on to massacre 49 people when he shot up a gay night club.

Robert Abell, a co-owner of Lotus Gunworks in Jensen Beach, Florida, told ABC News today that a man entered the store five or six weeks ago and asked specific questions about high-end body armor. When employees said the store didn't carry the body armor he wanted, Abell said, the man made a phone call in a foreign language, hung up and then asked about ammunition in bulk.

 Abell said one of his staff members described the shooter's questions about body armor as "odd." His staff thought the man was "very suspicious."

"We gave [the FBI] information and everything that took place, and that was the end of the conversation," he said.

There was a phone follow-up with some FBI agents but no one visited the store to investigate. Once images of the perpetrator were broadcast on television, Abell recognized the shooter as the man who had visited his store.

Abell contacted the FBI following the Orlando shooting to remind them about his experience with the shooter.

"He slipped through the cracks," Abell said. That's putting it mildly.