Gun used to Kill Katie Steinle Belonged to Federal Agent

Katie Steinle, who was killed on July 1st when she was shot by an illegal immigrant on a San Francisco pier, was shot with a gun that belonged to a federal agent, CNN is reporting.

Initial reports by the San Francisco Chronicle revealed the gun was stolen in a car burglary. "Some of the sources said the .40-caliber pistol was apparently not the agent's official gun."

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, the man accused in Steinle's killing, told CNN affiliate KGO-TV that he fired the weapon, but it was an accident.

In the interview, Lopez-Sanchez said he found the gun wrapped inside a T-shirt before it accidentally went off.

Lopez-Sanchez is an illegal immigrant and repeat felon who has been deported five times. "Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Lopez-Sanchez has seven felony convictions, four for drug offenses. His most recent deportation was in 2009."

San Francisco is a sanctuary city which does not investigate immigration status when a suspect has an encounter with police. The result is that suspects and criminals who are here illegally are not turned over and deported in accordance with federal immigration laws.