Gun-Related Homicides In 2013 Reach Five-Year Low

Down 8% since 2009

According to the FBI statistics on murder victims for 2013, the number of gun-related homicides reached a five-year low, dropping eight percent since 2009.

The FBI reports that roughly two-thirds of the 12,253 people murdered in America in 2013 died by firearms. The total, 8,454, was down 9% since 2009, when it stood at 9,199. A large majority of gun-related homicides (5,782) were killed by people wielding handguns. The next largest category, “firearms, type not stated,” totaled 1,956. A far smaller portion were killed with rifles, shotguns, and “other guns” (285, 308, and 123, respectively).

As Lachlan Markay notes, the number of people killed by rifles also hit a 5-year low last year and more than five times as many people were killed with a knife (1,490) than with rifles.



The third of 2013 homicides not involving firearms were caused by "knives or cutting instruments" (1,490), "blunt objects" (428), "personal weapons," like fist, feet, etc. (687), and miscellaneous other means, including poison and fire.