Gun-Owning Whoopi Goldberg Proves She Has No Clue About Guns

Maybe there should be a test (for liberals) to own one.

Well, dear readers, it's time to prepare your face for your palm... and make it a good one.

Whoopi Goldberg never disappoints in spewing asinine progressive ideas on The View day in and day out on ABC. And yesterday's show was no exception.

Guest Rand Paul was on to talk about President Obama's executive actions on guns. And though he was able to give well-reasoned answers to the ladies' questions, Goldberg had one mission: ban "automatic" weapons.

She has a gun. She proudly admits it on air. It's assumed to be a semi-automatic handgun. But it's those "automatic" guns she wants banned (and the audience agreed exuberantly). When Paul corrects that those types of guns are already banned, she says, "But you know what I'm saying."

No, Whoopi, we don't.

Watch below:



Liberalism is hard, folks.