Guess Who Got Sucked Through His Own Bomb Hole?

Justice for one.

Some days the news just makes you feel good. The airliner that landed yesterday in Somalia with a big hole in the side was, in fact, attacked by a bomb.

After the explosion, witnesses reported that one person was sucked out through the hole in the plane. As it turns out, the person sucked out the hole was the Islamic terror bomber himself, who authorities believe was Abdullahi Abdisalam Borleh.

The bomber apparently sneaked his ordnance through security in his wheelchair, a "Western diplomat" who was briefed on the matter told the Wall Street Journal.

The Daallo Airlines jet was struck just after takeoff and landed quickly. Aside from the bomber, only two other people were injured and on one else was killed.

All in all, we'd say the jihadist is less likely to win a bevy of virgins and much more likely to get a Darwin award. File this one under "Fail."

Photo via multiple sources on Twitter.