Green Beret Pens Scathing Letter Calling Jesse Ventura Out

Never F*#k with a fellow operator’s family

A Green Beret had some harsh words for Jesse Ventura, who is suing the wife of American hero Chris Kyle for defamation of character. 

Bryan Sikes’ open letter began with an immediate insult not only calling Ventura a “dirtbag imposter,” but questioned whether or not Ventura has any proof that he was once special forces. 

It reads:

I’m officially calling you out Jesse Ventura, you dirtbag imposter. Let it be known to all that take a minute to read this: if you cannot undeniably prove you were once a SOF guy or a SEAL, it’s because you never were one. I don’t know how it would be possible to be a former/current SOF operator and not have irrefutable proof. The fact that this claim still remains a topic of debate has led me and many others to believe you never were a SEAL.”

What prompted Sikes to write the letter was Ventura breaking the number one rule in Special Operations, which is to “Never F*#k with a fellow operator’s family.” 

Ventura is suing Taya Kyle, the wife of murdered Navy Seal Chris Kyle, over what he says is defamation of character.  Dallas News reports, “When a man regarded as the deadliest sniper in U.S. history detailed his kills in a bestselling autobiography, he also included details about a 2006 incident in which he says he punched a guy he called 'Scruff Face' — later identified as former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura. Ventura, a public figure with a tough-guy image, says the fight didn't happen, and he sued author Chris Kyle for defamation."

Chris Kyle was shot and killed while trying to help a fellow soldier who was suffering from PTSD.  

Meanwhile, Ventura says his lawsuit is not about the money.   “It's about clearing my name. It's a lie," Ventura told The Associated Press in February.

As a Special Forces operator, Sikes was furious about the lawsuit, writing, “You claim to be a former operator but you are more than willing to violate a sacred rule and sue the wife of one? That’s real badass of you, I’m sure you’ve got a lot of operator friends in your corner on this one.”

He then posed a challenge to Ventura’s statement how it’s all about clearing his name and not about the money: 

I know how important it is for you to have your “good name” cleared…..right? You did say in an interview about this pending lawsuit, “It’s not about the money; it’s about clearing my name. It’s a lie.” Well, in the unlikely event you actually win this lawsuit, and it isn’t about the money, I‘d expect you to keep to your word and donate any monetary settlement to the Special Operations Wounded Warrior Foundation or something similar.

Although Judge Richard Kyle (no relation) said that the case could move forward because of the sufficient evidence Ventura has provided, he also wrote “because Ventura is a public figure, Ventura must show "actual malice" or prove by clear and convincing evidence that Kyle knew the statements were false or acted in reckless disregard of the truth.

The trial begins Tuesday.