GQ Writer Said He Wanted to 'Beat' Benghazi Mom 'To Death' -- Then Apologizes

"I know that what I wrote is utterly indefensible..."

As FrontPage Magazine editor Jamie Glazov always says: This is the face of the Left. 

GQ basketball writer Nathaniel Friedman, who posts under the name Bethlehem Shoals, was irate Monday evening after hearing a speech made at the Republican National Convention by Pat Smith, mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith. 

As any member of the Leftist mob is wont to do, Shoals took to Twitter to share his homicidal fantasy of beating Pat Smith to death. Yes you read correctly -- a writer at the major publication that says Justin Bieber deserves "forgiveness" thinks a grieving mother who lost her son and was lied to about it deserves to be beaten to death. 


Needless to say, the GQ writer received backlash, after which he issued an apology, after which he blamed Donald Trump for his callous tirade, after which he issued another apology. Newsbusters compiled some of the responses featured below: 

Then came his letter (excerpts below) published on the site Medium

Last night, when Pat Smith was speaking onstage at the Republication National Convention, I tweeted that “no matter how many children she’s lost, I’d like to beat her to death.” That’s what I said, and I accept full responsibility for my actions and their consequences.

Why did I do it? It certainly wasn’t intended as a literal threat on a woman’s life. If anything, it was an extremely ill-advised attempt at satirizing the overall climate of the RNC. But with that kind of hateful language, an explanation just turns into rationalization.

I certainly didn’t help the situation by getting defensive and suggesting that Twitter, vile as it can be, is already a hotbed for this kind of discourse, or by arguing that my track record and reputation as a writer could provide any exculpatory context. Because what matters is that I said it. And I wish I could take it back.

[...] I know that what I wrote is utterly indefensible. The last thing this country needs is statements that make the climate even more toxic and divisive.

[...] in this case, there’s no ambiguity about it: I f*cked up and should have just owned that. I’ve learned my lesson and at this point all I can do is reiterate that I’m sorry and promise to do better in the future.

We can only hope the apology is genuine, however we can't help but wonder how someone like this is not banned from Twitter, but Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulis is. 

The truth is, this kind of vitriol is bubbling to the surface far too often, from far too many people on the Left. It is also quite revealing that violence is a Leftist's first response to hearing a grieving mother speak, just because she has the "wrong politics" -- that in and of itself exposes how a growing contingent in our society is devoid of a single shred of compassion or empathy. 

And no matter how "toxic" social media can be -- it doesn't cause this, it merely amplifies it.