Gov. Cuomo Just Pardoned Domestic Terrorist Involved in Slaying of Three Cops

Of course he did. That’s what liberals do.

It was 1981 when Judith Clark and several other Communist radicals from Bill Ayers-linked Weather Underground joined with the Black Liberation Army to rob a Brinks security truck carrying $1.6 million. When the heist turned violent, the security guard and two Nyack, NY police officers lay dead. On New Year’s Eve 2016, Gov. Andrew Cuomo commuted Clark’s sentence after deducing that serving 35 years was plenty for someone who “did not pull a trigger.”

Clark, 32 at the time of the crime, had 39 more years to go on her sentence for her part in driving the getaway car and conspiring in the rampage. During her time in prison, the domestic terrorist received a taxpayer-funded college education, food, lodging, and was even “worshiped by the news media for ‘turning her life around,’” as The New York Post stated.

Though Clark didn’t “pull a trigger,” she was reaching for her loaded 9mm hidden under the driver’s seat when she was captured by police.

“Meaning: She was stopped from bringing the death toll even higher,” The Post adds:

After demanding — and winning — the right to represent herself at trial, she boycotted the proceedings, refusing to recognize the court’s authority.

Yes, the other female self-styled revolutionaries convicted in the Brinks job were set free years ago, thanks to an equally gullible parole board and full pardons from Bill Clinton. But the fact they were wrongly turned loose is no reason for another miscarriage of justice.

Because of the governor’s actions, Clark will be eligible for parole in a few months. The Post said it was Cuomo’s “gullible bleeding heart” that made him believe she had “transformed” herself and then rightly concluded:

Yes, it’s nice that Judith Clark counsels her fellow inmates. Sounds like she’s precisely where she can best serve society.

Meanwhile, her victims never got a chance to receive the many benefits the rest of her life offered. Nor did the victims’ families. Clark’s early release is a slap in the face of security guard Peter Paige, Nyack Sgt. Edward O’Grady, and Nyack Officer Waverly Brown — the town’s first black police officer — who were ambushed and executed in the Weather Underground’s grand plan.

But Cuomo is just doing what liberals do -- pal around with terrorists.

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