Gorilla Killed to Protect Boy Because 'White Privilege'

Not an Onion Headline

Over the weekend, the Cincinnati Zoo had to kill a 17-year-old gorilla named Harambe in order to save the life of 4-year-old boy who sneaked or fell into its enclosure.  

Refusing to let go, Harambe continuously dragged the boy through the surrounding moat for 10 minutes until zookeepers finally shot him dead with a rifle. Despite the protests of animal rights activists, the zookeepers maintain that killing the gorilla was the only choice they had to save the child's life because tranquilizers would take several minutes to subdue him and may even have agitated the gorilla more. 

In every situation of this type, leftists will always lament the death of the animal as some kind of inhumane injustice, sometimes even going as far to suggest the child should have died in its stead. However, some black racialists on social media have taken it to the most bizarre of extremes by actually suggesting  the gorilla fell under some sort of injustice of "white privilege." 

Below are real tweets and are not from The Onion. Read them if you dare:

For the record, the idea of blacks as evolutionary descendants of apes stemmed from pseudoscientific racial theories put forth by the likes of white social Darwinists like Ernst Haeckel and George R. Gliddon. That being the case, we here at TruthRevolt are completely stumped as to how a dead gorilla is somehow becoming a poster-child for the Black Lives Matter crowd.  

Their outrage is further complicated by the fact the 4-year-old boy in question, whose mother has been identified as Michelle Gregg, appears to be black himself. 

We've just entered The Twilight Zone