At #GOPDebate, Trump Still Isn't Buying Cruz's Citizenship [VIDEO]

The issues.

One of the chief arguments being made by Trump supporters in defense of his birther charges against Senator Ted Cruz is that it is better for Cruz to get this out of the way now rather than later at the hands of the liberal media. However, not only has the liberal media taken up the charge anyway, the argument is undermined by candidate Trump himself, as seen on tonight's GOP debate stage.

When the topic came up, Ted Cruz made the (obvious) case that he is, in fact, eligible for the office of President of the United States, and further suggested that every candidate is an American citizen. That's when Trump let his supporters know he still isn't really buying it.

If that is a man who is just trying to "help" Cruz get something out of the way, then we need to redefine help. Clearly Donald Trump genuinely doesn't think Cruz is a "real" American citizen. One can only wonder how his supporters feel about that.