Google Glass "Hate Crime"

Woman Abused in San Francisco Bar for Wearing Google Glass

Sarah Slocum, a social media consultant, walked into a bar and experienced a ‘hate crime’ for wearing Google Glass. 

When patrons realized Slocum was wearing the glasses in a San Francisco bar, they began abusing her. One woman ran up to her and said, “You’re ruining our city";  others shielded their faces and one patron even attempted to grab the glasses. 

According to Brian Lester, a patron who witnessed the altercation,

“She was running around very excited and people were of course, telling her, 'you're being an a------ take those glasses off.”

In an interview to Kron 4 News, Slocum said,

“They were trying to shield themselves as if I was recording them, and I wasn’t even, you know, it wasn’t on, I wasn’t using it.”

When the hostility crescendoed to a woman giving her the middle finger and yelling epithets, Slocum did indeed start recording with her Google Glass. "I was not recording anything until one of the girls turned around and flicked me off and started calling me names,” she said on her Facebook page. She also wrote to a critic who asked her about the altercation:

“What makes this story special is that no one has experienced a hate crime or been targeted for a hate crime, which is what it was, for wearing Google Glass."

All of this could have been avoided if Slocum followed Googles Etiquette published online on how not to be a "glasshole."