Good News: 70% of Voters Distrust the Media

More Americans have finally clued in!

A majority of voters now recognize the implicit bias in the news media and more of them reject its influence, according to a new MRC/YouGov poll.

Surveyed were 2,006 voters who give concrete evidence that the mainstream media is under fire for its role in trying to manipulate elections. Here are the results:

  • 7 in 10 (69%) voters do not believe the news media are honest and truthful.
  • 8 in 10 (78%) of voters believe the news coverage of the presidential campaign was biased, with nearly a 3-to-1 majority believing the media were for Clinton (59%) vs. for Trump (21%).
  • Even 1/3 (32%) of Clinton voters believe the media were “pro-Clinton.”
  • 8% of Trump voters said they would have voted for Clinton if they had believed what the media were saying about Trump.
  • 97% of voters said they did not let the media’s bias influence their vote.

“The media are in full panic mode because the American people rejected their leftist agenda -- and them,” Media Research Center President Brent Bozell said. “People didn’t believe the nonsense that the media were politically neutral. Even a third of Hillary's supporters believe they were pro-Hillary!”

News outlets are scrambling to find out what they got wrong in the election they assumed was so clearly heading toward a Hillary Clinton victory. Most have realized they severely underestimated Donald Trump’s supporters and are promising to do better. But as Bozell stated:

“When you have a strong majority of actual voters saying the national ‘news’ media were biased in favor of Hillary Clinton and tried to influence the public to vote for her; and believing they are fundamentally dishonest, you have a major problem that can’t be fixed with an apology. The public has rejected this institution as being either objective or truthful. There is an institutional bias at major media networks that must be repaired and I am highly skeptical that news executives are interested or capable of undertaking this responsibility.”

Our only hope is that Big Media gets the message and actually tries objective journalism for a change, like The New York Times recently promised its readers.

But forgive us if we seem a little skeptical.

“Despite the overwhelming and persistent bias of this cycle, in particular, I am heartened by the fact that, according to our poll, the American people didn’t let it sway their vote. If this isn’t a wake-up call for the left-wing media to stay out of politics, I don’t know what is,” Bozell concludes.