Gohmert Slams Liberals: Is Adding More Mass Graves for Children Compassion?

"I am tired of liberals saying 'we're the one's with compassion'"

On The O'Reilly Factor Tuesday, Rep. Louie Gohmert discussed the issue of illegal immigration and the border, and took a moment to express his frustration with liberals claiming to be more compassionate than conservatives.

"Bill, I am tired of liberals saying 'we're the one's with compassion'," he began, telling host Bill O'Reilly how he would agonize over sentences he had to hand out as a judge, but saying that he knew we had to be a nation of laws. He then transitioned to describing what he views as the consequence of so-called liberal compassion.

"What is more caring? To keep adding mass graves as children are encouraged to flood into the United States because our Commander in Chief will not secure the border? I think the more compassionate thing is when you actually secure the border and make people follow the law."

Gohmert, a Texas Republican, has also recently angered liberals for stating that the President wants more illegal immigrants so they will vote Democrat, despite the fact that liberals routinely say that Republicans don't want illegal immigration to continue for the exact same reason.