Go to Disneyland Instead: Greta Blasts Obama for 'Fun' Cuba Trip

This is a terrible signal to send to the world.

During her daily "Off the Record" segment (posted above) Fox News host Greta Van Susteren slammed President Obama on multiple fronts over his upcoming "fun" trip to Cuba.

Van Susteren criticized the fact that the president would "blow off" Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's funeral yet would travel far and wide to go to Cuba. What's more, the Fox pundit astutely noted that Obama is openly breaking a serious promise.

Recently the president promised that he would not travel to the communist country until it had proven it was working to improve the human rights and freedoms of its citizenry. On Thursday, the Obama administration openly admitted that Cuba has not yet done anything to improve the life of everyday Cubans. 

Not only is Obama still slated to travel there, he actually had the gall to tell reporters that he thinks the trip will be "fun."

Van Susteren believes this is a terrible signal to send to the world. Indeed it is. But clearly, it's the signal he wants to send to the US and the world.