Girl Scouts Drop ‘Homopunk’ Spokesman from Media Page After Breitbart Exposure

Two days after Breitbart News published an article questioning the Girl Scouts’ choice of controversial "homopunk" singer Joshua Ackley as their main media spokesperson, the youth organization removed him from its media page.

The Breitbart piece highlighted both Ackley’s centrality to the Girl Scouts and his role as lead singer of a “homopunk,” or “homocore,” band called The Dead Betties which has been involved in several violent and sexually-explicit productions.

Girl Scout moms and girls will know none of this. They will also not know that The Dead Betties put out a campy video that received MTV play in the mid-00s called "Hellevator," where a sneering Ackley watches over a woman being stalked and then strangled on an elevator in an abandoned building.

A Dead Bettie video called "George’s Mr.s Right" (sic) shows a naked man—perhaps Ackley, though the subject's faced is obscured—covered in newspapers, writhing on the ground, touching his genitals, feigning masturbation, intercut with brief footage of a scantily-clad woman. Later, the man is in the shower washing blood off his legs with dollar bills. We don't see the woman again.

As Breitbart reported Wednesday, two days after they published the Ackley piece, the Girl Scouts scrubbed Ackley’s name from its media page:

Joshua Ackley, the lead singer of the "homopunk" band The Dead Betties, is no longer listed as the main media spokesman for the Girl Scouts two days after an article questioning whether the youth organization is best represented by an individual with a lewd public hobby.