German Priest: Muslim Migrants Bully Christians

"They insulted me because I eat pork."

Muslim children bully Christians, according to a German priest working with underage migrants in the city of Leipzig.  

The mainstream media and globalist elites want the public to believe that Christians and Muslims get along just fine in Western Europe, but 58-year-old Catholic priest Andreas Knapp says he sees exactly the opposite in his study club with migrant children.  

From Breitbart:

In one case, a Christian boy was so grievously bullied by Muslim classmates at a school for integration that he had to change schools. He said the Muslim children were “disrespectful” of Christians and that they even “hated” Christians who had come from the Middle East.

In another similar case, a 13-year-old boy told Father Knapp about his experiences with Muslim children at a migrant camp in Saxony.

"There were a lot of children who were all Muslims, and I was the only Christian. When I would go to them and say, ‘ Let’s play football’, they said, ‘No, you’re a Christian!’ Then they insulted me because I eat pork," the boy said.

Knapp says that Muslims target Christians because they see them as collaborators with Western governments. 

Muslim abuse towards Christians has claimed thousands of victims across Germany, alleges Christian charity Open Doors.

"Many have suggested separate asylum accommodations for Christians, with new converts from Islam being particularly vulnerable to violent attacks," reports Breitbart. "Reports have shown that Christians have been targetted on smugglers’ boats, beaten, robbed, and drowned by Muslim passengers simply because they were praying while on the same boat."