Georgetown Prof to Muslim Trump Voter: ‘F*** Off, Go to Hell’

“His hate is on your fame-mongering shoulders.”

Last month, TruthRevolt reported on writer, Muslim activist, and former Georgetown University professor of journalism Asra Nomani. Though a “lifelong liberal,” Nomani confessed in an op-ed for The Washington Post to being a “silent secret Trump supporter” almost solely based on his stance against Islamic extremism.

Naturally, that left a bad taste in the mouth of one of her former colleagues, Georgetown “Peace and Security Studies” Professor Christine Fair, who has spent the entire month of December criticizing Nomani’s personal voting habits. (Maybe she’s not completely pro-choice after all.)

Nomani considered Fair a “friendly colleague” up until she went on what The Daily Caller described as a “31-day screed” telling the Muslim to “f** off” and “go to hell.” She also called Nomani a “wretch,” a fame-monger, and a “clueless dolt” among many other things. Fair gave the obligatory Trump-is-Hitler comparison and accused Nomani of supporting Naziism.

Here are some screenshots of the choicest morsels:

 Fair continued the breathless assault, while Nomani suggested stepping away for a bit:


A couple of weeks later, Fair started back up on Nomani, issuing her an open letter on Facebook:

Nomani filed a complaint against Fair, according to The DC:

Nomani told The Daily Caller News Foundation that Georgetown professor Bruce Hoffman replied to her original Dec. 2 complaint on Dec. 3. He told her he forwarded her complaint to professor Irfan Nooruddin. Nooruddin is the faculty chair of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service.

Nooruddin told Nomani in a Dec. 4 email that, “I shall follow up directly with Professor Fair.” Fair posted her Facebook rant about Nomani two days after Nooruddin said he would speak with her. Additionally, she threatened Nomani in an email Dec. 6 with “legal action.” “Your attempt to silence my opinion or force a dialogue by involving my employer is unacceptable and any further action on your part to involve Georgetown will be met with legal action,” Fair wrote. “Your social media and email appeal to my employer with the intent or threat of damaging my employment status is a form of cyber bullying, which will not be tolerated.”

After a few more back-and-forths with Nooruddin, Nomani proceeded with the formal complaint on December 23, which so happened to coincide with a Twitter attack by Fair:

Nomani hopes “Georgetown [will] uphold its values for peace and civil discourse. And I would gently urge anyone who is as disturbed as I am about Prof. Fair’s conduct to remain civil and not engage in any personal attacks because we have to be the civility we want to see in the world.”

The DC notes that Fair describes herself as someone who “can cause trouble in multiple languages” and often posts YouTube videos like “Introducing the Pussy Avenger” and “Tales of My Pussy.” Also, and even less surprising, Fair supports the Black Lives Matter movement, wishes “gun nuts” would shoot each other, and said Melania Trump is a “soft porn star.”

How delightful and most tolerant of this liberal professor.