Gender Bias Study by Women Researchers Suffers From Gender Bias

Why are some women so bent on gender discrimination?

It must be really, really hard to be a leftist in academia, when you just can't be liberal enough to satisfy the hungry beast of political correctness. Two female evolutionary geneticists collaborated on a study aimed to prove scientific journals publish fewer female phD candidates than male ones. After interviewing many women across different scientific realms, the two researchers came to the same conclusion: the scientific publishing industry has a bias against talented, smart women.

When they submitted the research to a journal to be published, a reviewer had the temerity to suggest the researchers also interview a man in their study. After all, the researchers were against gender discrimination, right? Their whole point was that it was important to have different views, right? To represent everyone? However, libs don't think straight when it comes to gender:

This is too rich. Note that the suggestion was to get a different perspective to serve as a balance to their implicit biases. I can almost hear them saying, "We're the ones calling other people biased around here." According to Heat Street, the authors "called the mere suggestion 'unprofessional' and 'inappropriate' and argued that the reviewer 'didn’t have any constructive or specific criticism to work on.'”

These feminists got schooled at their own game, and -- even though libs aren't supposed to be able to have implicit bias -- they still can't see their own guilt in the matter. More from Heat Street:

They also claimed that the mere concern of gender-based bias in a feminist-authored paper proved their point that women are oppressed within the scientific publishing community.

The journal, PLOS, was forced to say they were sorry and retract the critique; they now claim, also, that they’ve placed the reviewer on leave until they can determine exactly what happened. 

What happened is that the reviewer accidentally assumed that a male viewpoint was important. No more, no less. Call the firing squad and bring them blindfolds and some cigarettes, because that's the worst offense of all.

Image Credit: Flickr