Gay GOP Candidate Feels Prejudiced Against... By Gays

“That R is a stigmata.”

An openly gay conservative candidate for the U.S. House said he's having a hard time convincing some voters to overlook his a Republican.

Domenic Gelsomino, a former Men's Warehouse sales associate who graduated from Boise State University last year, is running against incumbent Phyllis King, a Democrat whose held the seat since 2009. 

According to a Buzzfeed, Gelsomino is "gay, conservative, and Catholic," and said that one of those labels is proving to be a problem for a group of would be supporters. Gelsomino stated that LGBT voters have largely rejected him due to his conservative ideology:

“I’ve already been called a backstabber, a traitor and a token,” Gelsomino said. “That R is a stigmata.”

Gelsomino's website, per Buzzfeed, makes no mention of his sexuality, nor any LGBT issues.