Gates: Putin Obsessed with 'Lost Glory, Lost Empire, Lost Power'

"I had looked into Putin's eyes and saw a stone cold killer"

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was a guest on Thursday's Hugh Hewitt Radio Show. The radio host spent much of the time speaking to Gates about Russian leader Vladimir Putin -- and the former Defense Secretary was not kind.

Gates began with a quote from his book: "I had looked into Putin's eyes and saw a stone cold killer." He went on to explain why he thought Vladimir Putin was bad for Russia:

I think right now it is the Russians paying the greatest cost for him being in power and he could potentially be President of Russia till 2024. And his refusal to open the country up politically, his refusal to encourage, predict, and provide predictability for foreign investment, his regard of all the natural resources as sort of a natural patrimony, so not encouraging foreign investment there and frankly stealing from western companies by expropriating what they've invested, Russia just has a number of problems. 

I think that former President Medvedev now again the Prime Minister, had a pretty good idea of what was wrong with Russia and what needed to be done to fix it. But Putin pushed him out of the way and my own view is, as I say in the book, is a man of the past. He's all about lost glory, lost empire, lost power.