Gallup: 'Liar' Most Common Word Used to Describe Hillary - Again

Americans felt exactly the same eight years ago.

Most Americans view Hillary Clinton as "dishonest," according to a Gallup poll conducted in mid-February. 

The survey simply asked what comes to mind when thinking of Clinton and the most common responses (21%) were a mixture of "dishonest, liar, don't trust her, [and] poor character." Gallup also determined that "12% of Americans could not articulate a top-of-mind impression of Clinton."

From the report:

These top-of-mind impressions clearly show that negative perceptions about Clinton's character and trustworthiness continue to dog her.

In addition to the 21% of responses in the "dishonest/don't trust her" category, another 7% of Americans use even stronger words in a similar negative vein, including "criminal," "crooked" and "thief." Nine percent say they dislike her.

What's more, the American perception of Hillary Clinton hasn't changed in eight years as "dishonest" also topped Gallup's survey from 2008

And though some said positive things about Clinton this year, the overall score breaks down like this: 29% were positive responses but 51% were negative.

Her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders was also included in the poll. The word most commonly used to describe him was "socialist." The second was "old."

"Communist" also made the list at 3%. Gallup concludes:

Clear-cut negative impressions of Sanders include people saying they view him unfavorably; describing him as "crazy" or "delusional"; and claiming that he would provide government freebies or simply give money away.

Like Clinton, Sanders had some positive responses and actually fared better overall than Hillary, with 26% responses over 20% negative.

So, there you go Democrats! Your choices are a liar and a socialist. Good luck!

H/T IJ Review