Gal of the People, Hillary Defends Speeches to Wall St.

Claims to fight for the average citizen while getting paid mega-bucks.

Hillary Clinton, the would-be left-wing champion of the little guy, is having to defend big speeches given for big dollar amounts to Wall Street firms - this as Clinton tries to stave off rival Bernie Sanders. The New York Times is reporting that Clinton is being asked to confirm that the speeches, and the big checks that came with them, have not swayed her views:

On the heels of repeated attacks from Senator Bernie Sanders, who has seized on the fees to portray Mrs. Clinton as out of touch with ordinary Iowans and other voters, Mrs. Clinton gave an interview this week in Iowa to The Des Moines Register, saying she had no regrets. “Anybody who thinks they can buy me doesn’t know me,” Mrs. Clinton said, in the article published Friday.

She described her paid speaking — which spanned events for financial firms and a number of other trade associations and businesses, which typically paid fees of around $225,000 per speech — as a chance for business leaders to hear about her views on world events.  

Clinton, like her husband, made more money out of office than in it, by charging hefty six-figure sums for a speech. At other times she hobnobbed with the rich and powerful via Clinton Foundation events, another possible area of conflict of interest as donors paid big money for access to the former president and secretary of state.