Ft. Lauderdale Fighter Claimed He Was Being 'Forced to Fight for ISIS'

So they sent him to a psychiatric hospital.

Pamela Geller is reporting that the Ft. Lauderdale shooter today was previously known to the FBI, and that in November he had walked into an FBI office in Anchorage, Alaska claiming he was being forced to fight for ISIS.

PamelaGeller.com reports that "The Fort Lauderdale gunman was known to FBi for four months prior to this massacre":

Broward Commissioner Chip LaMarca told CBS4 the shooter was a passenger on a Canadian flight with a checked gun. He says the shooter claimed his bag at the baggage claim area then took the gun from his bag before going into a bathroom and loading his weapon. He then reportedly came out of the bathroom and began shooting people in the baggage claim area.

Law Enforcement sources told CBSNews that in Nov. 2016, he walked into an FBI office in Anchorage, AK claiming he was being forced to fight for ISIS but was sent to a psychiatric hospital after Anchorage police were called. In 2011 or 2012, he was investigated for child porn. Three weapons and a computer were seized but there was not enough evidence to prosecute.

Air Canada took to Twitter to deny they had the accused gunman on the flight saying, “We confirm we have no record of a passenger by the name Esteban Santiago, or checked guns, on any of our flights to Fort Lauderdale.”

The alleged shooter and murderer of at least 5 people has been identified as Esteban Santiago Ruiz, 26, of New Jersey. Sources say he had a concealed weapons permit on him and a minor criminal history.

Geller also notes that "after today’s shooting, ISIS terrorist channels knew Esteban’s name before some news corporations reported it. A U.S. senator gave Esteban’s name out live on MSNBC. It is unclear if ISIS channels spread his name before MSNBC."

Islamic terrorism? Wow, that NEVER happens.