Fresno Student Who Went on Stabbing Rampage Was Inspired by ISIS

He was 'self-radicalized.'

The California student who went on a stabbing rampage last year, wounding four people at the University of California at Merced,  was inspired by ISIS, according to the FBI.

Faisal Mohammad, 18, appears to have become self-radicalized, drawing his inspiration from terrorist propaganda that he found online, authorities said. The freshman studying at the University of California, Merced burst into a classroom on Nov. 4, slashing four over a dispute about a study group.

“Every indication is that Mohammad acted on his own,” Gina Swankie, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Sacramento field office, said in a statement. “It may never be possible to definitively determine why he chose to attack people on the U.C. Merced Campus.” 

Authorities are reporting that Mohammad had planned the attack for at least a week. Islamic State propaganda was was found on his laptop as was evidence he had visited other ISIS extremist websites on the internet.

During the rampage, Mohammad carried a backpack containing a two-page, hand-written plan, saying that he intended to take hostages while killing students and police officers, the FBI investigators said.

 The attacker also had a list of items he needed to conduct the attack, like zip ties, glass breakers and a knife.

The FBI said there was no evidence that Mohammad was directed by or working with a terrorist group.