Franklin Graham Announces 'Campaign For God'

"We need Christians to vote for politicians that stand for Biblical principles and Biblical truth."

Fresh off his publicized divorce from the Republican party due to the politicians' failure to cut taxpayer funds from abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood with last month's omnibus package, Christian Evangelical leader Franklin Graham, son of the famous Billy Graham, has announced his "campaign for God," which seeks to get more Christians actively involved in the political process, from voting to running for office. 

In an interview with NBC News in Des Moines, Iowa, Graham spoke about his Decision America tour, which will primarily focus on getting Christians to realize the impact they can have at the polls if they voted en masse for the values they treasure. 

“We need to get Christians to run for office. We need Christians to vote for politicians that stand for Biblical principles and Biblical truth,” Graham said.

Decision America includes a 50-state bus tour, allowing the Evangelical heavyweight to speak with thousands of Christian voters about what they should be voting for this 2016 election. 

Despite Graham's past support for Republicans and even some praise for front-runner Donald Trump on his Facebook page, the tour will not endorse any presidential candidate or political party, but is about getting Christians to start voting with their values. 

"I’m very unhappy with the entire political process - Democrats and Republicans," he said. "I have no hope in the Democratic Party and I don’t have any hope in the Republican Party and turning this system around …. We need to get Christian men and women into Washington. Otherwise, without Almighty God, I promise you, I don’t see any hope for this country."

Graham also expressed deep concern over the encroaching secularism of our country, which he compared to communism.

"Secularism and Communism are no different," he said. "Secularism slowly crept into local politics, state politics, the federal government and Communism - there is not difference as it relates to God. Both are Godless."