Franken on Satirizing Himself : 'I Don't Think I Could Find Anything, Frankly'

"I've made some small mistakes, I suppose."

ABC took "A Closer Look" at Minnesota Democrat Sen. Al Franken in an interview on Sunday's This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

ABC News correspondent Jeff Zeleny asked the former SNL comedian, "What would comedian Al Franken say about Senator Al Franken's first term?"

Franken responded, "He would say I did well. [laughs] Because I'm the same person. There aren't two different people."

The conversation continued:

ZELENY: Wouldn't he have some fun with you, though, at some point?

FRANKEN: When I would make fun of politicians, it was only because they were screwing up in some way. And I -- I don't think I could find anything, frankly.

ZELENY: Nothing?

FRANKEN: Whew, that would be a really hard subject to satirize because -- because I've done -- I've just been impeccable.

ZELENY: Impeccable?

FRANKEN: [laughs] Yes. I've made some small mistakes, I suppose.

Franken boasts a double-digit lead for the upcoming primary and when asked how he feels about running as a Democrat in Obama's sixth year Franken said, "I'm very comfortable doing that."