Fox’s Star: Two White Men Harass Muslim Woman Then Dump BLM Activist Out of Wheelchair

"Stay out of this, gimp!"

In October 18’s episode of Star, Hollywood continues its audience-repelling strategy of using entertainment as a medium for heavy-handed, left-wing proselytizing.

The Fox drama follows main character Alex’s boyfriend, Derek—a Black Lives Matter activist—as he attempts to get out of his funk about being paralyzed and get out of the house. Alex encourages him to attend a Black Lives Matter meeting, because hey, nothing gets one out of one's funk quite like racist, anti-capitalist political activism.

Instead, Derek takes a trip to a convenience store in his wheelchair. While shopping, he observes two white racists harassing a Muslim female cashier wearing a hijab. This is Hollywood’s idea of everyday America -- white Islamophobes threatening a Muslim woman. The two men, Nick and his brother, are trying to buy cigarettes and chewing tobacco -- naturally, because everyone knows white rednecks and chewing tobacco go together like pork and beans.

More predictable stereotyping of white men ensues:

Nick:  Two packs of cigs and, uh, two packs of chew.

Soraya:  Can I see some I.D.?

Nick: You asking me for my I.D.? I'm an American. Where's your damn I.D.?

Soraya: I don't want any trouble. I just...

Nick: Shut up. I lost my damn job over some politically correct bull like this. You people taking everything from us. That Chinaman fired me…

‘Cause, you know, white people call Asians “Chinamen.” Not.

Soraya:  I didn't take anything from you, and I suggest that you leave. 

Nick:  You leave this country. Leave something for my kid brother.

Derek attempts to intervene and stand up for the Muslim victim:

Derek:  Hey, Yo. It's time to get out of here. Come on.

Brother:  Stay out of this, gimp.

Nick:  Attaboy.

The brothers dump Derek out of his wheelchair and then take off.  

These characters aren't just the stereotypes of lazy screenwriting; they’re weapons of the Left's culture war against conservative America. With every scene like this one from Star, the message is being sent that Muslims are peaceful American patriots, whites are racist rednecks, and Black Lives Matter actually cares about black lives.