Fox News' Liz Trotta Uses Anti-Semitic Slur During Weekly Commentary

"The powerful Jewish Lobby in Washington was alerted."

The term "Powerful Jewish Lobby" is a pejorative term that goes back hundreds of years, referenced in anti-Semitic publications such as the infamous, Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion. 

It alleges that a "Jewish Lobby," through bribery, bullying, and manipulation, pressures politicians to act against their will and civic responsibilities. During her Fox News commentary about the negotiations with Iran this Sunday, Liz Trotta resorted to the derogatory phrase.

If you think you know anything about foreign policy, think again. No better example of this surfaced last week, when negotiations blew up between Iran and the United States, France, Russia, China, Germany, and Britain. The bitter end came just as American media analysts were waxing giddily about an agreement within reach. The coveted historic moment slipped away in the face of reality. Proving once more that outside the closed doors, no one really knows what is going on. And even they then may be undone by back channels. Usually what emerges are the scraps of what might have happened. Couched in enough murky language to defeat clear understanding. But after a three-day marathon of negotiations, the outcome of the Iran talks defied diplomacy's silent tradition. The truth surfaced as the French Foreign Minister announced the U.S. and allies had been presented with a sucker's deal. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on the warpath figuratively and, perhaps down the line literally. He warned the world of what he described as a very bad deal offered by the Iranians. The powerful Jewish lobby in Washington was alerted. Secretary of state Kerry wore himself out insisting Iran was acting in good faith.

Using the phrase "Jewish Lobby" or its politically correct sister, "Israel Lobby" (which has the same connotation), is not just dangerous because of its use by anti-Semites, but also because it is journalistically lazy. Supporters of Israel and the symbiotic relationship between the U.S. and the Jewish State come from all religions.

There are hundreds of organizations supporting Israel in the United States; each has a slightly different political stance and mission. Using the term is as reductive as calling the aggregate of all the pro-life groups the "Catholic Lobby." 

Whether or not Ms Trotta meant to use the term in its classic anti-Semitic sense is irrelevant. Her use of the term can be used to feed the flames of hatred toward Jews, as it has for centuries.