Fox Drops GOP Debate After Pullout

“I think we’ve had enough debates.”

The next GOP debate slated for this coming Monday is off after Donald Trump and John Kasich both backed out, reports The Blaze:

Trump announced on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” Wednesday morning that he would not be attending the debate, citing a pre-scheduled “major speech” to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

“I thought the last debate on CNN was the last debate, that was going to be it. Nobody told me there were going to be more debates” the billionaire said. “I think we’ve had enough debates.”

Just an hour later, a spokesman for Kasich announced via Twitter that if Trump was skipping the debate, then the Ohio governor would as well — leaving Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on the debate stage alone. 

When Republicans started out their debates had so many candidates, 17 at one point, that two debates needed to be held each night just to fit them all on stage. Now with Trump all but sewing up the nomination, the frontrunner and third place Kasich are bowing out.