Fournier: 'We Will Get Hit' by ISIS Thanks to the 'Underestimator-in-Chief'

"They are coming after us…"

Ron Fournier of the National Journal renamed President Obama the "Underestimator-in-Chief" on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

Because of Obama's underestimating in his foreign policy, mess after mess has been made. Some of these underestimations, such as Vladimir Putin, may embarrass the image of the United States in the eyes of the world, but Obama's gross underestimation of ISIS could result in a direct attack on the homeland. The Sunday shows were replete with this warning and Fox News Sunday was no different.

On the show, Fournier said what everyone knows (perhaps save Obama) that ISIS's only mission is eradicating America. He warns that the U.S. will be hit if the administration does not figure out a way to stop them. Few feel that the three surgical bombings will be enough to send a clear message.

His entire statement is below:

I think we're missing the big question. First, it's hard to admit this, but our country was not honest about how it got into Iraq and not smart about how it got out of Iraq. We can't do anything about the former, so let's talk about the latter. I think…the president is doing what most Americans want right now, something very limited -- Let's save those people on the mountain, let's save our people on the ground -- something that's very strategic. The problem is, this is a very ruthless, strategic, well-funded group of terrorists. I even hate to say the word group of terrorists. [Wallace reminds they are now a state] Its only mission is to take us out. We're going to get hit. They are coming after us, and we're going to get hit if we don't figure out how to stop them. 

So, short term, yes, the president is doing fine. Long term, this is a president who underestimated ISIS, he called them JV. He underestimated what was going to happen after Libya, he said that in the New York Times article. He underestimated Putin. He underestimated several other areas. He's been the commander-in-chief or the underestimator-in-chief. So, I don't want him to underestimate. We can't afford the president to underestimate this threat. I also don't want him to overreact. We have done that before and it got us into this mess. 

I wish I was more confident that the president understood the threat to our homeland, though.