Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair Blames 'Flabby Liberalism' For Spread of Terrorism

"We concede far too much."

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is speaking out against the West's "flabby liberalism" and constant guilt trips that have, in his mind, led directly to terrorist attacks.  

According to BBC, Blair is planning a global project to prevent Islamic extremism through education -- proper education, that is. 

"We're in a situation where we have to fight back," said Blair.

"The centre has become flabby and unwilling to take people on. We concede far too much. There's this idea that you're part of an elite if you think in terms of respectful tolerance towards other people. It's ridiculous." 

BBC reports that after leaving the office of prime minister, Blair started a foundation aimed at challenging extremism. He cautioned that moderate voices, in their goal of being non-offensive, are fueling the fire of religious extremism:

"One of the problems with the West is that it constantly can be made to feel guilty about itself - and I'm not saying there aren't things we should feel guilty about.

"But you know, we shouldn't let people intimidate us into thinking there are certain values we shouldn't be standing up for," said Mr Blair, who was attending the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai last week.

"I'm a supporter of multiculturalism. But there's been a long period of time when we've allowed the concept of multiculturalism to be abused."

As an example, he said that if people were asserting the equality and fair treatment of women that they should not be made to feel "somehow we're being culturally insensitive".

"We have to be clear no one has the right to abrogate those basic human rights."

"The truth is this extremism is being incubated in school systems, formal and informal, which are teaching children a narrow minded and often hateful view of those who are different," says Mr Blair.

Blair concluded that extremist thinking "is what you have to attack, if you don't attack the ideology you'll never defeat the violence."

Indeed. The root ideology is what needs to be torn down, but it is also precisely what weak-kneed multiculturalists oppose doing. It would behoove elected leaders in the West to adopt Blair's worldview concerning Islamic extremism and why liberalism has fueled its growth. If Europe isn't proof enough of this painful truth, we're not quite sure what is.