Former Fighter Says ISIS Videos Fake and Full of Lies

Leave it to al Qaeda to expose "The Hollywood Reality Of Al-Baghdadi Group."

A 12-minute video has been released featuring a former ISIS fighter spilling the beans about the terrorist group's propaganda videos, calling them "forgeries" and filled with "information lies."

The al Qaeda-produced video, "The Hollywood Reality Of Al-Baghdadi Group," includes the testimony of Abu 'Atta' Al-Sanaa'ni, who Memri JTTM states defected from ISIS sometime this year. Ataa helped make the video to uncover the truth about the Islamic State and to encourage others to get out as he did.

As he explains on the video, while in service to ISIS for 18 months as a suicide bomber cadre, Ataa found himself placed in the role of an actor in the organization's various films. He was not only instructed to play as a fighter but also as a captive. He stated that ISIS leaders were involved, too, and would often apply red paint to their faces to play the part of dead enemies. 

Memri notes a caption that reads, "Lies," covering the fake shoot-out on the screen.

Atta sends a message at the end of the video to members still involved with ISIS:

Listen to the advice of a brother who desires the best for you. Leave this group, which has ruined more than it has built, and has divided more than it has united.

According to the report, Atta was put off by ISIS for several reasons: "indiscriminately targeting mosques and spilling the blood of innocent Sunnis, as well as the 'forgeries' published by its media department." Atta said he wanted out after being sent on a suicide mission against a mosque filled with innocent Sunni Muslims. 

But it's okay, because now he's with al Qaeda… so, it's all good!