Former Abortion Workers Expose the 'Predatory Money-Making Machine'

“Planned Parenthood…is very aggressive. They are a sales team."

Abortion is a business, and Planned Parenthood makes sure that business is booming. This, according to four women participating in a webcast set to air October 9th which exposes the greedy, exploitative nature of abortion clinics in general and Planned Parenthood in particular.

The women—two former Planned Parenthood managers, a former training manager, and a former nurse at a women’s clinic—affirmed that the goal of Planned Parenthood is to perform as many abortions as possible.

Sue Thayer, one of the former managers, said, “Planned Parenthood…is very aggressive.  They are a sales team…For birth control pills there’s a line—how many you’re supposed to sell in a month…Abortions? Same thing.”

The ladies claimed that adoption information was suppressed, detrimentally quick “counseling” sessions were performed by medical techs rather than licensed professionals, and that, repulsively, dead babies were sold for $200 a body.

The organization producing the webcast—And Then There Were None—aspires to rid the world of abortion by providing a support system for abortion workers who want to get out of the macabre industry of murder. “Most people who go into the abortion industry want to do so in order to help women,” said Abby Johnson, ATTWN’s founder. “Yet once they see what really goes on, many are horrified.” Johnson continued, “We need to tell their stories and unmask the abortion industry for what it really is: a predatory, calculated, money-making machine that pounces on women in their most vulnerable times.”

One of the most disturbing revelations from the group was that if any woman at the clinic received a pregnancy test that came up positive, she was immediately scheduled for a next-day abortion without her knowledge, being told to come back in the morning for “counseling.”

Planned Parenthood performed 328,348 abortions in 2015, and $554.6 million of our taxes were spent on the effort.