Focus Group of Undecided Voters Responds Positively to RNC, Trump Speech, None Will Vote Hillary Now

"Republicans, Independent and Democrats dialed it through the roof."


Regardless of how pundits and political analysts feel about this week's Republican National Convention, what truly matters is how potential voters feel -- and whether Donald Trump and his supporters managed to sway both critics and undecided voters to consider voting GOP come November. 

According to members of a focus group, who gauged all of the convention's key speeches, including that of the nominee, Republicans were successful in their goal. 

Republican pollster Frank Luntz led the focus group, which comprised Democrats, Independents, members of the so-called "Never Trump" movement, and Bernie Sanders supporters. The findings were remarkable and the biggest shift came after Trump delivered his acceptance speech Thursday evening. 

According to Luntz, upon hearing Trump talk about Hillary Clinton and corruption, "Republicans, Independent and Democrats dialed it through the roof."

"I'm 39 years old," began one man who had, to then, identified as "Never Trump." 

"That was the best speech by a presidential candidate I've heard in my entire life. And I don't say that lightly, 'cause I've heard them all."

One Bernie Sanders supporter said that Trump's speech moved him to now vote for Trump in November. 

"I feel patriotism. I feel completely safe. I feel there is love of country, and with a leader like Donald Trump who believes in the people, the chaos in this country will turn to unity."

While Luntz found that Trump still has a way to go in convincing undecided voters on why they should vote for him -- one thing was clear: the GOP nominee and his supporters convinced undecideds that they should not vote for Hillary Clinton. 

At the end of the focus group, when asked who would still vote for Hillary in November, not one member raised their hand.

Others who performed exceedingly well with the focus group were Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence, and Donald Trump Jr. 

Three Fox News clips from key moments of the focus group are featured above and are worth watching. This could be the turn of the tide for Republicans if they manage to maintain the current momentum.