Florida School Caught Bussing Students to Clinton Event at Taxpayer Expense

The school district says this should not have happened.

On his many campaign stops for Hillary, former President Bill Clinton hasn't been generating the enthusiasm he once did. That was not the case on Monday, however, during an event in Riviera Beach, Florida where a throng of energetic school kids donning band uniforms and cheerleading outfits seemed to appear out of nowhere and began chanting, "we want Bill!"

Well, they did not appear out of nowhere. Rather, the students were bussed in to the Clinton event at Palm Beach County taxpayer expense.

Now, in words of the late Ricky Ricardo, the school district has got some "splainin' to do."



Radio host John Cardillo broke the story when his producer, Bethany Bowra, was on hand at the Port of Palm Beach Cruise Terminal and witnessed the scene unfold: 

I was standing on the corner outside the Bill Clinton event in Riviera Beach, Florida, on Monday, when a school bus labeled “Palm Beach County District Schools #0253” pulled in filled with students wearing band uniforms and cheerleading outfits.  

The kids got off the bus at the front of the event with their instruments and the bus left, only to return a few moments later with another bus load of students. The band played outside the event before it began, then moved inside and continued to play while the crowd waited for the event to begin.

The students seemed excited and eager to be a part of the event.  They were smiling and enjoyed the incredibly loud music they got to play inside the small venue. 

Following the former President’s speech, they even started a chant of “we want Bill!” to encourage him to come back out and sign more autographs. 

They were certainly a spectacle– 99% of other attendees were old enough to be my grandparents.

Cardillo noted that the move was likely intended to court voters beholden to the teachers union and then asked rhetorically if the Palm Beach County School District has a "policy" of bussing in its students in to sanctioned campaign events. 


After reaching out to various principles and superintendents, Cardillo received a response from Kathy Burstein, Media Relations Specialist for the School District of Palm Beach County, who claims that students, by policy, are not allowed to perform at political events or rallies. Burstein stated that the incident should not have happened and will not happen again. The school district claims it will be looking into the affair. 

Yes, that might be a good idea.

Of course, one cannot undo what has already been done, nor erase whatever benefits the Clintons reaped from event. And the Clinton camp knows that full well. 


* This post has been corrected to reflect that the person who broke this story is radio host John Cardillo, not Kyle Olson. Cardillo wrote about the incident on Kyle Olson's website, the American Mirror, which accounts for my mistake.