FLASHBACK: When Clay Aiken Threatened To Beat Up A Woman

More proof of the Democratic Party "War on Women."

One does not usually picture former American Idol runner up/NC Congressional Candidate as a violent man, nor as a man who would threaten to punch a woman in the faces, but blogger Soopermexican searched the twitter archives and discovered a 2012 Clay Aiken tweet expressing a desire to punch conservative author Ann Coulter in the face. While the original tweet was deleted, responses from Aiken's fans and celebrity buddies show the former American Idol first loser's angry tweet.

Aiken's original tweet sent on October 26, 2012 at 9:42 PM read "anybody else watching @piersmorgan wanting to punch want to punch @AnnCoulter in the face?” Without first questioning if anyone else was actually watching @piersmorgan, Arsenio Hall had just finished competing against Aiken in the reality show Celebrity Apprentice, and opened the floodgates by immediately tweeting: 

Billie Gavin came up with an alternate suggestion:

Self described as "One of the most Influential and Active Parent Advocates for families dealing w Autism & Health Issues" @Tannersdad came up with a more family friendly solution ---ban her.

During the past few days the mainstream media has had a field day over the story of Republican Senate candidate Dr. Monica Wehby slapping her ex-husband with a pad of paper during their contentious divorce (they now live a mere four houses apart from each other). But the media turns a blind eye to any reports of threatened violence against a woman from a Democratic Party candidate.