FLASHBACK: O.J. Simpson Verdict Reactions - No Justice, No Rioting

No one else has ever been charged with the murders

Back in 1995, some 150 million people tuned in to watch the verdict of the racially-charged O.J. Simpson trial. Simpson was on trial for murdering his white ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and a young white waiter, Ronald Goldman. After the mostly black jury returned a not guilty verdict, reactions varied along the racial divide.

Most blacks celebrated Simpson's verdict as justice for their community, while whites felt that a guilty man was set free. However, no rioting ever occurred.

Shortly after what became known nearly 20 years ago as "the trial of the century," The Seattle Times columnist Mike Royko penned a sarcasm-laced article in which he "expressed" relief that no one rioted. "I had feared thousands of furious blonde, blue-eyed women and their brunette sympathizers would take their rage into the streets, burning, killing and looting," he wrote. (Something that obviously didn't happen.) Then Royko said another group that he "feared" would riot were "obscure waiters." (Didn't happen.)

Royko also pointed out that after the trial, Simpson promised to find the "evil brute" who committed the murders. (Also never happened.) No one else has ever been charged with the murders.

In a civil trial in 1997, Simpson was found liable for the death of Goldman and the family received $33 million in damages. There was no rioting then, either.